Pulse iEHR

Manage and run health care facilities with 
a 360-degree ERP/EHR platform

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iEHR with full capabilities

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software Development

We develop interoperable EHR software to manage everything from operational tasks, electronic documents, customizable chart templates, clinical dashboards & reports, appointment schedules, patient profiles, prescription lists, and distributed access control modules.
Your custom EHR software will enable healthcare professionals to access the following patient information:
Billing Information (RCM)
Patient Management & Engagement
Medication Orders & E-Prescribing
Laboratory/Radiology Information Systems (LIS)
Appointments schedule and reminders
Telemedicine, Remote health

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Custom EMR/EHR Software Solutions

We develop custom interoperable EMR and EHR software solutions to improve medical history data storing, streamline digital prescriptions, receive lab results faster, expedite treatment plan information, and so much more in a centralized database.

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Interactive Patient Portals

We develop patient portals to give patients easier access to their health information so that they can take a more active role in their healthcare plan, as well as to streamline clinical workflows, manage bilateral patient data, improve doctor-patient communication, manage E-Prescriptions, and more.

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Telemedicine Applications

We develop custom telemedicine applications that are synchronized with health tracking tools, including medical devices for remote patient monitoring, wearables, and sensors, IoT integrations, and more that are supported with cloud-based data collection, monitoring, and analytics capabilities.

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ICD-10 Codes ME

We implement ICD-10 Me codes within your existing EMR/EHR systems so that physicians, nurses, and other health care providers can classify diseases and health problems on multiple types of health records utilizing the most recently updated information and precise details of all diseases.

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Healthcare Analytics

Your custom EMR/EHR software will incorporate predictive, prescriptive, and precision medicine analytics features, implemented with BI, AI, and Data Science Solutions, that provide robust predictions based on data processing to make informed decisions on preventing and controlling chronic diseases.

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Naphies ready Integrated

Pulse iEHR was of the first who fully integrated with naphies
platform on all levels